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Looking through the photographs,
They still give me laughs…
Chat logs, separate musings,
Cry me a river still sings.
The story we wrote together…
Now under so much cloudy weather.
Remembering all the nights,
Especially our play fights.
Forgot to sleep, laughed too loud,
Made a scene in front of the crowd.
Chanting, dancing in the dark…
No more time for one more lark.
You were right, you know,
I have to tell you so.
About one thing at least,
Now I make my peace,
It was a titanium bond.
Which I guarded so fond.
How was such a bond broken?
Now I'm rudely awoken.
I'll never fully understand,
Thought we were wrapped by an invisible band.
But the scene of the crime still throbs.
Though you never heard my sobs.
The spot you held in my heart,
To heal, it will not start.
Like a flashing vacancy sign,
Your memories in my mind.
No one else can fill this room.
Hear the echoes like a tomb.
Sometimes I just stare ahead,
Wish you were dead, instead.
Look into the dark and wonder
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Thief In The 'Noon
Thief In The 'Noon
Stunned and shocked
We sit in disbelief
Late a'noon  
There has been a thief
Stolen and sullied
A life and reputation
Left few clues
Oh solemn depression
And what do we think?
Of that which left…
How can we see?
A light in this theft?
So young, so loved
By all who knew
Even those afar
Hath no fuel to skew
Hard to believe
Harder to let go
Crying for fear
Of what we may know
Ladies, Gents
a life hath been stolen
Kiddies, Grands,
Our eyes red swollen
Hardest angle of course
No explanations why
Only press in frenzy
Suppositions a fly
Horrid thief beware
We hunt you out
Not a place for you to hide
Miserable lout
We miss him,
Our own
One among us
Ours alone
Prayers raised high
Heads down low
Waiting for now
Whilst it begins to snow
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My Beloved
My Beloved…
For my one, first, last, & only true love…Damon
Angels would fall in love
With My Beloved’s face.
Demons would turn from their lord
For just one chance to taste,
My Beloved’s wonders.
My Beloved walks on clouds
And tames the wild tsunami.
My Beloved shapes Earth for ardor
And converses with the sea.
No one can replace
My Beloved in my soul.
As a earthquake to a bridge,
My Beloved takes a toll
I cannot resist.
When My Beloved must leave
My heart begins to shatter.
But My Beloved always returns,
And I always feel better.
I pray that Death may never
Come between My Beloved and me.
Life would be worth nothing,
Not jewels, lust, or money
Without My Beloved there is naught.
My Beloved brings joy
Beyond comprehension.
My Beloved eases all my fears,
And wipes away any tension.
Saints and Devils fall before thee
My Beloved, you fill my deepest recesses.
You are everything and more to me,
My Beloved I cannot resist ye
I will not resist thee.
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Ask Me
Date: 11/14/07
See your smile in my dreams
Feel you next to me
Feel your gaze right through me
Into me, you're looking into me
Ask me already
Waiting so impatiently
Must be so obvious
Must look so stupid
Getting to me, you're getting to me
Ask me already
Eyes flashing in surprise
You look happy
You look like you might ask
Killing me, you're killing me
Ask me already
Anticipation is too much
I'm watching you
I'm thinking of you
Inside of me, thoughts of you inside of me
Ask me already
Waiting on you
Know you want to
Know you will soon
Ask me, I want you to ask me
Ask me already
Yes, I will go out with you
Finally you ask
Finally you say it
Yes I say, yes I will go out with you
You asked me already
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B-Day Salutation
Ours is not the type of friendship,
Where it feels like we've known each other forever.
Ours is the type of friendship,
Where we have known each other forever...
It just took us a while to find each other.
In some fashion, or another,
We have always known that the other person existed,
Just beyond our reach...
In a land (or state) far away.
Ours is the not the type of friendship,
That our souls are connected.
Ours is the type of friendship,
That our hearts beat as one...
And our minds forget to think together.
We say the same things,
Go to the same places,
Hate the same people,
And 'forget' homework quite often.
Ours is not the type of friendship,
That we feel vaguely when the other is in need.
Ours is the type of friendship,
That we can pinpoint the exact moment the other begins hurting...
And we hurt the same.
When we are in pain,
The other always finds a way to call,
or instant message...
There is no one else I depend on like that.
Ours is not the type of friendship,
That passes wit
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Title: Pretender
By: Shannon A Hiner
Look me in the eye
And tell me you haven't seen
Look at me dead on
And tell me you don't know the end
Stare into my face
Lie to me about all that has happened
Stare at me till dawn
Lie about what has gone on
Gaze at my profile
Deny all you know
Gaze across the room at me
Deny the flying accusations
Peek into my mind
Don't lie anymore
Peek into my heart
Don't think I care for a second
Watch how I will still smile
Feel the way I feel
Watch how easy this will be become
Feel the sensation of forgetting
And pretending.
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Soft Jacket
Shannon A Hiner
Soft Jacket
Warmth surrounding me, feeling of love
Your soft jacket
Don’t ever leave me
I can smell the drugs, the alcohol
Your soft jacket
But don't leave me
Want to, need to tell you, how much I hate you
Your soft jacket
I won't ever leave you
Soft against my face, quelling all my fears
Your soft jacket
You can't ever leave me
This hug is my own heaven, private hell
Your soft jacket
Can't ever leave you
Held so dear, close and safe
Your soft jacket
Please don't leave me
No space between, how we're supposed to be
Your soft jacket
Hope this never leaves me
Months have passed, even years
Your soft jacket
How could it leave me
Still remember, perfect in detail
Your soft jacket
Can't believe I left you
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To You, To Me
Title: To You, To Me
By: Shannon A Hiner
Date Written: March 29th, 2007
A/N: I think this is my favorite I have ever written....Ever.
Church bells ring
I take my seat
My eyes are drawn
strongly oh so strongly
To you
I have seen you here
Once or twice before
My eyes are drawn
always, oh always
To you
You sit a row in front
Of me I cannot see
My eyes are drawn
quickly, oh so quickly
To you
Others shuffle in
Do they notice how
My eyes are drawn
stubbornly, oh so stubbornly
To you
Our eyes meet
Across the small space
My eyes are drawn
willing, oh so willing
To you
I can see now
It's quite clear how
Your eyes are drawn
strongly, oh so strongly
To me
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I am happy.
I laugh a lot.
I think too much and not enough.
I dream aloud.
I hope quietly.
I sing loudly, but not so anyone can hear.
I am pretty, but smarter than my beauty.
I aspire to everything, and wish for very little.
I look forward to the future, and dread it constantly.
I am searching for someone, but don't know who.
I rely on Him above, but am independent.
My mind is constantly running, though I am lazy.
I pretend to be someone else, and pray you'll see the real me.
I'm always cold but feel so warm.
I love hugs but don't like touching.
I seem crazy, but am quite sane.
I look quite sane but feel so crazy.
I am strong and often weak.
I try to hate you all and only want you to love me.
I am me.
That is all I can be.
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Sorry In Advance
Title: Sorry In Advance
By: Shannon A Hiner
Date Written: 5/25/07 (started at 9:59 pm)
I'm sorry in advance,
for being so annoying.
I'm sorry in advance,
for walking all over your tongue.
I'm sorry in advance,
for talking offense where none is intended.
I'm sorry in advance,
for not believing you the first 12 times you say you love me.
I'm sorry in advance,
for pretending not hear you when I'm wrong.
I'm sorry in advance,
for borrowing all the pens and never returning them.
I'm sorry in advance,
for spilling soda on the keyboard.
I'm sorry in advance,
for playing with the gadgets and pressing the red button.
I'm sorry in advance,
for cutting out the comics before you see them.
I'm sorry in advance,
for turning off the light when you're still in the room.
I'm sorry in advance,
for thinking the mail lady is spying on me.
I'm sorry in advance,
for using three towels after a shower.
I'm sorry in advance,
for playing the music too loud.
I'm sorry in advance,
for leaving the
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All Because You Looked At Me
All Because You Looked At Me
By Shannon A Hiner
My throat is tight,
my head hurts terribly...
My heart won't stop beating too fast
and my stomach is rolling unbearably.
There's a tightness in my chest,
there's something wrong with my thinking..
There's a hitch in my breathing
and there's no way of linking-
Why am I so out of control?
How have I lost all dignity?
For what reason can I not speak?
I think it's because you looked at me.
Everything inside me is broiling,
everything is running in circles..
Everything is a total mess
and everything is fresh out of miracles.
Nothing is right anymore,
nothing makes any sense..
Nothing is going according to plan
and nothing is not making me tense
What is going on in my head?
Who has taken all of my sanity?
Where is the reason for this chaos?
I think it's because you looked at me.
It's all because you looked at me,
for how can I turn away..
You hold my every emotion
with but the heat of your gaze.
I'm burning up inside,
because I see your eyes..
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My new book, Only The Stars Know, is now available as a paperback through CreateSpace and as an ebook through Amazon!

Thanks to the lovely DM7, the book looks positively gorgeous. And this time around I designed every single square inch inside. I am super proud!

This is a must read, ESPECIALLY if you loved the first book, Submerged In Darkness (because this one is better written!)



Go and get your copy now!!!

Free Preview:
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